Van Rooyen beats weather, wins Standard Bank Series Royal Cape event

Jun 15, 2023 | Featured, Other Tours


In the face of extreme weather conditions, Isabella van Rooyen, who only turned pro in 2022, emerged victorious on Thursday at the second event of the Standard Bank Pro-Am Series 2023 at Royal Cape Golf Club.

Battling against one of Cape Town’s wettest winters, marked by flooding and bone-chilling cold, van Rooyen showcased her exceptional skills and hunger for another win.

All eyes were on the course as players teed off for the first round amidst the challenging weather. Tandi McCallum, who had recently claimed her fourth win in the Series at Cotswold Downs, and Bonita Bredenhann, who was vying for her second win in the series, posed formidable competition for Van Rooyen.

However, it was her unwavering determination and focus that set her apart on the day. Van Rooyen said her strategy was “knowing the course really well and making as few mistakes as possible.” She also said, “I prefer coastal courses because I grew up here in the Cape and I know how to play in the wind and the rain. I also practice in this kind of weather, and I wasn’t too worried about the weather.”

As the event progressed, the weather conditions proved to be an additional obstacle for the players. The course at the oldest golf club in the country was drenched from the relentless rain, flooding some fairways whilst the manicured greens withstood the onslaught. The extreme cold only added to the already demanding situation, testing the mental and physical resilience of the golfers.

In the final stages of the second round, it was Van Rooyen who demonstrated the most resilience and focus. Her strategic shot-making and mental fortitude ultimately propelled her to victory. With every swing, Van Rooyen showcased her hunger for success, leaving no room for doubt about her determination to secure the win.

Afterwards, she said of her plans for the rest of the series, “I will take it one tournament at a time and play as well as I possibly can on the day.”


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